My childhood memories 1

I am Uthaya( it’s boy name, so don’t think i am a girl). I am From Tamil Nadu (India). Today onwards i am going to write about the memories from my childhood to till now (Currently my age is 29). I am not a well versed in English, so bear with me.

At the age of 5, i went to englsih medium school (LKG). At that time i am not interested to go to school. I think many child are not want to go to school at that age :). I don’t know what i am doing at that time, But when my mom told about that incident it’s really funny.

The incident is whenever the school bus is coming into our village, i cried like a baby… yeah, at that age i am really a baby isn’t it?… I pegged my mom, “not to send me to school. I don’t wanna go to school, Please let me play in our home”, and ran away from my home and removed the my shirts on the way to my garden, which is near our home. So my mother used to chase me and caught me. She lift me and push me into the school bus and throw my dresses into the bus. I didn’t like that school little bit. I don’t know why..

The above incident is usual routine of my LKG until my father interfere in this. By the way My Dad always gives importance to his son’s interest( till today). I forgot to mention that i have 3 elder brothers(They all are married). I am the last one in my family. He argued with my mom and finally he won the battle with my mom and joined me in the Tamil Medium school (Tamil is my mother tongue). That school is near our home and many of my friends study in that school. so it is not alienating me. So no more cry…

Note: So struggle between me and English started at the age 5. Till now continue.. I know that many grammatical error will be available on this post.. I am writing the post in English instead of Tamil(which is my mother tongue), Because i want to improve my English writing skill.. I hope “Practice makes man perfect”.. so I hope oneday i will post something without any grammatical errors.. Please feel free to suggest correction.. I hope you all are part of my english skill improvement..


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