True Love Story : Ganesh & Geetha

I am geetha.I would like to share a story of my best friend named Ganesh(27 yrs). He had a account in some chat website(I don’t know the site name and now its no more). He got a new friend named karishma. She is a christian. Their chats just started as friends. As time moved on they started to share everything and their relationship bloomed up. Ganesh loved to share everything with karishma. He had never seen her,not even in a photograph. Naturally, like all guys he too wanted to meet the girl to whom he was talking.
Ganesh affection towards karishma moved a step forward to love. He had never said to karishma that he loved her. They both lived in Coimbatore and never had a chance to meet before.
Now he had got a chance to meet her. It was Christmas. She called Ganesh and asked him to come to her home. She asked a book to him. So,he got that book and went to her house. He was very much excited to meet his girl. And now, that time came( the time he waited for so long). He met her, she was not that beautiful as he thought. Even then he loved her madly. He thought beauty is not a important thing in life. So it was not at all a problem for him. He had a feel that karishma is completely for him.
Minutes moved….hours moved….months moved….but Ganesh love towards Karishma remains the same. They have not proposed to each other. But the way they speak to each other was like lovers and that was very obvious. He got all his courage and proposed to her. But she refused in response. The reason she said was that he was Hindu and she is a christian.
Then he was completely broken down into pieces. And he also had a thought to touch alcohol which he had never touched before. Thank god he had not tried it. Now the silence in his heart was terribly hard for him to take. He could not get off that silence easily, since it was his first love. He could not forget about her thoughts. He dropped tears everyday in her name. He was trying hard to forget about her.
Still now she used to call amd talk to him. She used to say that we are only friends. He could not refuse her calls nor talk to her freely. Later,she proposed to him. But, he was not ready to accept it because he had no love towards karishma and was in love with me(Geetha).
I’m really very happy that he had shared this with me. I do t know how many guys will say the truth to there partners.

I’m really very lucky to have Ganesh in my life. I’m the happiest person in this world because I’m having a best person by my side.
Actually I must thank karishma for saying no to my dear friend. Otherwise, He would have not entered into my life and shown this wonderful colors.
Thank you karishma…