9 Motivational Quotes of Life

1.Do not worry about your present situation. It will change. You will be in better place.

2.Do not think that you will get the important lessons from wise old man only. Be open. Many times you will have to learn from the children.

3.Do not lose your hope in any situation. Because unexpected magic happen anytime in your life.

4.Life is not always goes as you planed. So be prepared for many up and downs. But in the end its wonderful journey if you enjoy the life.

5. When your mind is not clear and lot of thoughts come into your mind. Do not do any work. Find the peaceful place and meditate. It will make you clear picture about the current situation like clear running fresh water.

6.It is not necessary to win in all the argument. Sometimes listen other’s argument & become silent is better option.

7.Do not worry about your past mistake. It does not going to change anything. Forget that. But do not forget the lessons learned from those mistakes. It will make your future so sweet.

8.Find the reason for your previous loss. If you not find the answer you will not move forward to your success.

9.If you do not get what you deserved, even after so much of hard work. Then it might not be your door to knock again. In life there is so much door. So do not waste your energy in locked door. Find the right door in your life.