Who are worst than enemy?

A lady bought a new python as a pet. She have lot of care towards python. She had a habit of sleeping at night with python. During nights python usually moving around the bed.

Suddenly, One day python stop eating and night it slept on her. She thought python slept on her because it also started loving her. But, She was so much worried because its not eating the foods. So she decided to see the doctor.

One fine-day she went to nearby veterinary doctor. After doing some scan & experiment with Python doctor revealed one bitter truth to her. The truth was Python is preparing to eat her so that it want to empty her stomach. It slept upon her because it measure the breath and width of her.So doctor advised her to either kill that or leave it in jungle. Because they are belong to wild not fit as a pet animal.

Moral of the story: It is danger to think that every one who surrounds you and embrace you as good people. Get rid of friends, those are like the Python in this story. Otherwise they will swallow you. They are worst than your enemy….